Stray Dog Cantina has been serving delicious Northern New Mexican food and drinks in the Taos Ski Valley for 30 years. We are especially famous for our 100% flame roasted red and green chile. The Margaritas are legendary as well, made with fresh lime juice and agave tequila.

Stray Dog Cantina, located at the base of the Taos Ski Valley, was first opened in 1989.  Original owner Tim had been working in Taos Ski Valley at the Hotel St. Bernard for many years. When he 'strayed" from the St. Bernard (aka - the Big Dog, by the locals) he decided to call his new place Tim's Stray Dog Cantina. The Stray Dog quickly became a favorite eating and watering hole for locals and the tourists soon followed. Stray Dog Cantina has built a solid reputation around their great food, fun atmosphere, and deliciously strong margaritas.

In 2008, Rachele Griego, Marcos Aragon, and Tori Mendes purchased the Stray Dog Cantina and continue to uphold the restaurants reputation as "the place to eat and drink in the Taos Ski Valley". In 2010 this trio also opened El Camino Baja Cocina in the Taos Plaza.



Photo Credit: Tina Larkin. Website: Rachele Griego


Green and red chile have long been the staple of Northern New Mexican cooking and are the key ingredient to our menu. All of our green chile is flame-roasted and carefully peeled taking care that the natural juices are not lost. This method gives our chile its wonderful flavor and heat that is not found in processed chiles. As the green chile is allowed to dry it turns a beautiful, deep, dark, red. These red chiles are then ground into a powder. This red chile powder is what we use to make our red chile. We think we offer the tastiest chiles in New Mexico. Both our green and red chiles are completely vegetarian. Keeping the preparation of our chiles simple and natural allows you to enjoy their delicious flavor.

Caution: Our chile is not for amateurs.  It's extra tasty, but it can be spicy - it is serious chile.

Locals come from town to eat the chile here!
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